About Mervyn

After being born on UK soil, Mervyn John was brought up in India. He studied in Stanes Higher Secondary School and finished his undergrad in P.S.G. College of Engineering, Coimbatore. He later went on to complete is Masters in the Wichita State University, Kansas. When he isn't working in McPherson, Kansas, Mervyn enjoys Taekwondo. Having won many competitions, he is currently the Taekwondo Kansas State Champion(2013) in weapons sparring, traditional form and traditional sparring.

About Alisha

Alisha was born and raised in Coimbatore. After completing her schooling in Stanes Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore, she went on to complete her B.D.S in Chennai's Meenakshi Ammal Dental College. She then underwent her training in the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Currently Alisha looks after her father, Dr.Prince Herbert's dental clinic. She also is Miss Coimbatore for 2012.

How they met

Having known eachother since they were kids, and the fact that they grew up in the same school, attending the same church and living right down the street, Alisha and Mervyn grew close though presently in different continents. 

When Alisha was in the 5th standard, she sang at Church, for which Dr.John Thanakumar (Mervyn's father) accompanied her on the Violin. Soon after the event Mervyn's dad told Alisha's father  that he would love to adopt her as his own  daughter.

Guess Fate did intervene! 

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